Active Climbing Areas

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going to the left uphill on Lower Ledge Spring Trail from the bottom of Three Bears Gully:

g. Schoolroom Wall: Kiss My Foot 5.7 Tn, KMA 5.9-10 Tn, Dirty Rotten Scoundrel 5.7 Tb, Place Your Bet 5.7/8 TGb, Grandpa's Belay 5.6-7 TGb

   Annex: Out House 5.7 Tn, Pee Break 5.6-9 TGb, Buzzard Breath 5.7-10 Tb

f. Amphitheater Left: Overhang Hangover 5.11 Sb, Black and Blue Velvet 5.13 Sb, Blind Prophet 5.11/12 Sb

   Amphitheater Middle: Crackin' Up 5.7 Gb, Turkey Shoot 5.8 Sb, Mild-mannered Secretary 5.7 Sb, Arms Control 5.10/11 Sb, Cow Patty Bingo 5.9 Sb

   Amphitheater Right: When Shrimp Learn to Whistle 5.11 Sb, Single-handed Sailor 5.11 Sb

e. Tall Gray Wall: Husband/Start the Car 5.7 TGb, Black Rain 5.7-9 Sb

d. Golden Wall: Herculean Test 5.11 STb, Devil in the White House 5.7-11 Sb

c. Big Arete: Hunger Strike 5.8-9 Gb, Bet Ya 5.6-7 Gb; Mutiny on the Bounty 5.10 Sn, Man Overboard 5.10+ TSb, Anchors Away 5.11 Sb

a. Chicken Bones area: Upper Thin to Win 5.8-9 Tb, Upper Vegomatic 5.7 TGb, Thin to Win 5.10-11 Tb, Vegomatic 5.7/8 TGb, Chicken Bone Left 5.8/7 TGb, Chicken Bone Right 5.7/8 TGb

going to the rightdownhill on Lower Ledge Spring Trail from the bottom of Three Bears Gully:

h. Dudes: Howdy Dudette 5.6 Tb, Howdy Dude 5.7 Tb, Middle Dude 5.7-8 Tn, Honeypot/Every Major Dudette 5.7-8 Tb, Minor Dude 5.10 Tb, Any Major Dude 5.11 Sb

    Three Bears: Gentle Ben 5.7-10 Tb, Baby Bear 5.11 Tb, Momma Bear 5.10 Tb, Papa Bear 5.10 Tb, Goldilocks 5.6 TGb, Creative Germs 5.7-10 Tn

j. Copper Top: Coppertop 5.10 Tn, Oscar Mayer 5.9 Tn, Duracell 5.7-8 Tn, Eveready 5.8 Tn

k. End Zone: Belfry 5.8-10 Tn, Bat out of Hell 5.11 Sb, Foreign Trade Zone 5.10 TSb, I Gotta Wear Shades 5.9 TGn, Cowboys and Heroes 5.4-9 Tb, (Cowboy Gully)

l. Beach: Walking on the Beach 5.8-10 Tn, Spindrift 5.9-10 Tb, Hawaii Five-O 5.11 Tb , The Wave 5.10-11 TSb, Body Surfin' 5.6-8 TGb; Scarface 5.7-8 TGb

m. Pool Hall: (Pool Hall Gully), Snooker 5.9 Tn, 8-ball 5.8 Tb, 9-ball 5.9 Tb (10-ball 5.10), Corner Pocket 5.11 Tn

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Obsolete routes (in Kelley's order): Wife's a Bitch 5.10 Tn; Psychotic Reaction 5.7-9 Tn, Climax, Anticlimax 5.6, Square D 5.9; Wet Spot, Mr. Softee, Nuts and Bolts; I'm Flyin' 5.6-8 Tn, Too Old to Rock & Roll 5.10 Tn; Surry County Ethics 5.10 Sb, Syzygy 5.11 Sb, Mr. Henar 5.12 Sb; Pump Street 5.10 Tb; Dihedral Route 5.7 Tn; Ethics in Bondage 5.11 Sb, Grunge/Steaming Piles 5.5-7 TGn; Desk Jockey 5.7 TGn; Ibuprofen Junky 5.7 TGn, Aftershock, Short but Sweet 5.10 Tn; Hamburger Yelper, Debbie Does Donuts; Bloodmobile, Look Before You Leak 5.7 TGn; Skatin' 5.11 Tn

Illegal routes: Number Two Too/Pee Break Right; Psycho-metric; Big Gully; Hard Hat Area, Black Route, Sinbad the Sailor, Back in the Saddle, Ride'em Cowboy; and everything to and including all of The Knob/Big Pinnacle

Bouldering sites: Overbears V0-4, Cave V2-6, Trailside V0-4; Boulder Dude V0,Three Bears V0, Long Low Roof V1-3, White Top V0-2, Gate V0-4, Tumble Down V0-3, Sweet Little V1, Corner V4-6; Rhomboid V0-3; Under Pool V1; Feelgood V0-3, Feel Better V0-3, Mo' V0-3.

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