Galleries of Top-rope Anchor Rigging

see also at each route

from lowest area, proceeding uphill as in pocket guide

Pool Hall area: one set of bolted anchors.

Beach area: Scarface, Scarface Right, Body Surfin', Spindrift

Three Bears area: Goldilocks

Dudes area: Howdy Dude, Howdy Dude Face, Middle Dude, Howdy Dudette

Schoolroom area: Dirty Rotten Scoundrel, Place Your Bet, Grandpa's Belay

Annex area: Pee Break, Buzzard Breath

Chicken Bones area: Thin to Win/Vegomatic, Chicken Bone Left, Chicken Bone Right

For a quick primer on safe top-rope anchors, click here.

For a lesson in analyzing rigging, there is a critical look at "bad" rigging of two sorts.

For one way to climb top-rope alone, there is an illustrated explanation of solo TR.

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